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Wendit Natural Swimming Pool

As an interesting natural swimming pool, Wendit Swimming Pool present a special recreational spots in order to regain the new spirit and there is also the friendly monkeys that entertain and give special attraction to the visitors with their jocking action.

According to the local folk tale, the pool offer mystical power to those who have taken a bath in the pool would remain young for the rest of their life. On the days Idul fitri, the Islamic days (seven days Lebaran) some traditional performances are staged here.

The pool is located at Mangliawan village, a village belonging to Pakis Sub District, about 10 km a way to the East from Malang.

Facilities: pool using natural water spring water that never dies in all season (dry or wet season), souvenir shops, and some recreational spots in Wendit's area. The accessibility is very reachable, public transportation or private. So that, Wendit swimming pool is very suitable for your family and children to have family recreation.Wendit Natural Swimming Pool




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