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Located in luxurious residential area of Malang

Ngliyep Beach Tourism - Donomulyo

Ngliyep beach has beautiful rocky beach at the southern part of Malang Regency, where gigantic waves meet coral reef. In addition, it has an island with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach. This beach is provided with some facilities such as: stalls, souvenir shop, inns, etc.

Annually the traditional ceremony Labuhan Mulud (offering ceremony) is held here. Labuhan Mulud is the traditional ceremony that always held in the beach at Malang regency.

Ngliyep beach lies at Kedungsalam village, Donomulyo district, about 62 km a way to the south from Malang. Visit Ngliyep beach and enjoy its wonderful waves. The visitors can swimming, sun banthing, or fishing here.




Ngliyep Beach 01

Ngliyep Beach 02

Ngliyep Beach 03




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Ngliyep Beach 06

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