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Tea Plantation Tourism - Wonosari - Lawang

This plantation pleasure gives a special and peaceful impression, beautiful panorama of tea plantation. The plantation is situated at an area on the slope of mount Arjuno, it belongs to Wonosari - Toyomarto village, Singosari district. In this tourist object, visitors can watch and enjoy the special impression, processing of tea from the leaves taken to the tea ready to drink. The location is reachable, about 30 km away to the North from Malang. Facilities: swimming pool, cottages, jogging tracks area, camping grounds, and many other.

Wonosari Agro Tourism: Give Beautiful Panorama Of Tea Plantation In Malang - East Java 1-8 | 9-16 | 17-24 | 25-32




Wonosari Tea Plantation 01

Wonosari Tea Plantation 02

Wonosari Tea Plantation 03




Wonosari Tea Plantation 04

Wonosari Tea Plantation 05

Wonosari Tea Plantation 07

tea-plantation-08 tea-plantation-09
Wonosari Tea Plantation 08 Wonosari Tea Plantation 09

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