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Obyek Wisata Kota Malang - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Hamid Roesdi Monument

This is one of historic monument in Malang as tourism city. The location of this monument at JI. Simpang Balapan Malang this monument made of reinforced concrete iron. This monument like a hero statue Hamid Roesdi Major. This monument was initiated by local government, and the fund comes from public finansial. This monument was officially open by minister for home affairs Republic of Indonesia Mr. Roedini at November 1991. in front of the statue, there is a wise word, that is" All of obstacle, I said with your lump. Hai .. be loved country, my soul and my body is just for you ". The point of that wish word is to show the spirit and effort of Indonesian, to define Indonesian freedom independent.

Hamid Roesdi was born at Monday 1891 in Malang, and he lives around religious family. His parent come from middle class society, but the became rich because they work hard. His father name is Roesdi, and his mather name is Teguh. In Dutch colonization, Hamid Roesdi ever joined with scouting organization, that is Pandu Anshor organization. At 1943-1945, in Japan colonization Hamid Roesdi become member of PETA.

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Monumen Hamid Rusdi

Lokasinya terletak di Jl. Simpang Balapan, Ijen Boulevard Malang. Monumen ini didirikan atas gagasan dan inisiatif pihak TNI KOREM 083 BALADHIKA JAYA untuk mengenang jasa-jasa Mayor Hamid Rusdi dalam mewujudkan Kemerdekaan Indonesia. Diresmikan pertama kali pada 10 November 1975 di persimpangan jalan antara Jl. Semeru dan Jl. Arjuna.

Namun kemudian dengan seiring keberhasilan Kota Malang dalam meraih dan mempertahankan Piala Adipura untuk yang kesekian kalinya, maka keberadaan monument Hamid Rusdi digantikan oleh Monumen Adipura Kencana. Kemudian Monumen Hamid Rusdi dipindahkan ke Areal Taman Rekreasi Sena Putra Malang. Sekarang ini Monumen Hamid Rusdi berada di Simpang Balapan atau Ijen Boulevard.

Cathedral Ijen, Malang

Cathedral Ijen, Malang

(Santa Maria Bunda Karmel)

Santa Maria Bunda Karmel Cathedral is located on Jalan Guntur No. 2 Ijen Boulevard, Malang. It is the second church in Malang after “Hati Kudus Yesus” (church on jalan Kayutangan Malang). The capacity of this church is about 900 people. It was built on February 11, 1934 by L. S. Torgie during the Netherland's occupation in Indonesia. The architecture of this cathedral categorized classic type. This type is the typical of Netherland's architecture. It can be seen from the shape of the cathedral from outside and Inside. Outside we can see the shape of the roof is high and sharp. Inside, there are cubes above the room of the cathedral.

On October 28, 1934 this church had been blessed with the name “Santa Theresia dari Kanak - Kanak Yesus” as parochial church and cathedral. At that time Malang is a mission land and Santa Theresia is a santa who protect a mission. On 1961, the name of the church changed to “Santa Maria Bunda Karmel”.

Santa Maria Bunda Karmel Cathedral had been renovated on July 27, 2002. It had been blessed by MSGR. Herman Yoseph Handoyoputro, O.Carm. Actually the architecture of this cathedral is still original over 60 years, there is an appeal from Paus Yohanes Paulus ke II that the architecture of this cathedral shouldn't be changed because it is a history remainder. Therefore, the changing is only the colour of the wall.

The priest who had a duty in this cathedral are:

1. Romo Blomesath, O.Carm

2. Romo E. Shallkwyk, O.Carm

3. Romo R. Keijzer, O.Carm

4. Romo T Vanden Hork, O.Carm

5. Romo RMA. Soebonokardi and others.

And the priest now is Romo Eko Atmono, because he has a duty on abroad so he is replaced for a while by Romo Felix Suyatno.

The bishop who had a duty in this cathedral are

1. MSGR. A.G.Y Albers, O.Carm (on August 10, 1939).

2. MSGR. F..X.S. Hadisumarta, O.Carm..(an April 12, 1973).

3. MSGR. H. Y. S Handoyoputro, O.Carm (1989 until now).

There are parochial building and pastoral beside this cathedral. Parochial building is a place for meeting that no relation to worship, such as parochial meeting and others. Pastoral is a place provided for the priest to take a rest.

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Kathedral Ijen

Lokasinya terletak di Jl. Guntur No. 2 Malang. Gereja yang dibangun pada 28 Oktober 1934 ini merupakan Gereja Kathedral bertipikal Belanda asli. Bisa dibuktikan dari bentuk eksterior dan interior serta ornamen-ornamennya. Gereja ini pernah direnovasi pada 27 Juli 2002. Awalnya Gereja ini bernama Santa Tereshia kemudian berganti nama Santa Maria Bunda Carmel pada 1961. Kathedral berarti pusat atau area yang berada di tengah-tengah Gereja, atau bisa dikatakan juga kalau Kathedral juga Area Keuskupan utama. Kathedral Ijen termasuk salah satu Kathedral terindah di Indonesia.

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